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Delta Deck Hire Nationwide Delta Deck Hire Nationwide Delta Deck Hire Nationwide
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Delta deck is easily height adjustable, and its platform can be 450, 530, 600, 730 or 870mm above floor level. The user can accomplish this by extending the legs – the bottom inner leg extends from inside the upper part of the leg frame to give increased height. DeltaDeck Hire is readily available, and in one model, so you only have to purchase one deck for all the varying platform heights.

The low-level access work platform is one complete system that puts together and takes apart in less than one minute, enabling simple and easy transportation and storage. We can get you next day hire if you call us before 3 pm. Our Hire team are available from 8 am-5 pm Monday to Friday. With several working heights (to a maximum of 870mm), the delta deck low-level work platform is ideal for those needing versatility when operating at altitudes of 3m and below. It’s helpful for lots of trades such as final fix contractors, general upkeep for everyday usage and facilities management.

The user can quickly move and store one, and can even transport it by car or truck.
Compact dimensions permit the delta deck Platform to be moved from room to room while still put together.

  • Several working heights (four in total).
  • Full guardrail product to guarantee user safety at all times, at all heights
  • Top working height of 3.0 m.
  • A sturdy workload of 200kg.
  • Can accommodate two people
  • Easy to gain access to and egress from either end of the platform.
  • Weight of overall unit: 25kg.

It is a one-piece access platform meaning there are no loose parts to misplace or leave behind. The platform is perfect for all internal trades on construction sites a few examples being joiners, dry liners, ceiling fixers and decorators. 

Customers hire the delta deck as it is suitable for providing access in schools, healthcare facilities, offices, stores, airports, and anywhere else where an easy, fast low access solution is required. The delta deck is Safety Guaranteed so if you have been on the search for one of these we have the flexibility to deliver next day. Just call us, and we can give you a price that includes VAT, delivery.

Delta Deck product gives a lower platform height and is also available to hire. Please contact us for more details and delivery times.

This safety work platform is an original low-level access product. It is ideal to hire for those requiring flexibility when operating at lower heights. These Deltadeck products are available for delivery at just £29 plus vat and delivery. As a company, we have a reputation for high-quality equipment and excellent customer service.

This work platform solution is one complete unit (no pins, clips, or parts to lose, damage or forget when putting together).
Simple to hire, and an effortless to assemble and dismantle. The Guardrail round the platform makes this product super safe.

Overview and Description
The Delta Deck hire is developed for usage on flat level surface areas, is lightweight, therefore making it easy to transport around the site. It likewise provides four working heights.

Our delivery service will ensure that your order arrives on time. If you want more flexibility, we offer booking slots. Call us if you require this on your next hire.


Minimum platform height – 450mm Maximum platform height – 870mm Safe workload – 200kg.

The delta deck is an innovative low-level solution, suitable for those requiring versatility when working at 3m and below. It provides several platform heights with a maximum platform height of 870mm.

Product features Single system – no separate components Multiple Working Heights (highest platform level 870mm) 200kg Safe Working Load BS EN 1004:2004.

Suitable for building and maintenance use, call now to hire one of these products.
When assembled, Delta Deck has a double guardrail to all sides and access gate to each end.

  • Folds flat for ease of storage and transportation in the back of a car or small van.
  • Is a one-piece platform; there are no loose parts to lose or leave behind.
  • Is ideal for all internal trades on building sites a few examples being joiners, dry liners, ceiling fixers and decorators.
  • Also ideal for supplying access in schools, hospitals offices, stores,  airports and anywhere else where safe, simple, quick low-level access is needed.

DELTA DECK Specification, weight and sizes

We offer the Delta Deck in one size, and the platform height can adjust to 450, 530, 600, 730 and 870mm. Because of this, you do not need to hire different height products for various jobs.

DeltaDeck optimum working height: 3.0 m.

Dimensions when unfolded: 1900mm long x 760mm large.

Measurements when folded: 1120mm x 760mm x 310mm.

Product Weight: 27kg.

Safe working Load: 200kg.

Our company also offers other tool hire services and products. Please contact us or email, and we will be happy to provide a quote.